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Import & Export

Fruits/Vegetable, Dried Fruits, Nuts Exporter from Pakistan

1,000 USD

  • Fruits/Vegetable, Dried Fruits, Nuts Exporter from Pakistan
  • Fruits/Vegetable, Dried Fruits, Nuts Exporter from Pakistan
Prezzo : 1,000 USD
Tipo : Sell
Data : 06/07/2019
Località/Paese :257-A phase-6 dha, Lahore

We can provide you the best quality Nuts/Dried Fruits as well as Fresh Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables.

Here is the list.

1.Almonds (Nuts) => (Soft shells, Hard shells, without shells pure)

2.Cashew Nuts (Nuts) => (W-180, W-240, W-320)

3.Walnut kernels (Nuts)

4.Peanuts (Nuts)

5.Pistachio (Nuts)

6.Pine nuts (Nuts)

7.Peaches (Dried Fruit)

8.Apricots (Dried Fruit)

9.Dates (Dried Fruit)

10.Figs (Dried Fruit)

11.Grapes (Dried Fruit)

12.Plum (Dried Fruit)

13.Mangoes (Fresh Fruit) => (Sindri, Chaunsa, Langra)

14.Citrus or Kinnow (Fresh Fruit)=> (Mosambi, Orange, Red Blood Malta)

15.Apple (Fresh Fruit) => (Red, Golden)

16.Peach (Fresh Fruit)=> ( Cling and Freestone)

17.Grape Fruit (Fresh Fruit)

18.Pear (Fresh Fruit)

19.Falsa (Fresh Fruit)=> (exotic fruit of Pakistan)

20.Strawberry (Fresh Fruit)

21.Grapes (Fresh Fruit) => (Green, Red, Sundarkhani)

22.Banana (Fresh Fruit) => (Yellow, Green)

23.Water Melon (Fresh Fruit)

24.Potatoes (Vegetable)

25.Onions (Vegetable) => (Red, Pink)

26.Garlic (Vegetable)

27.Tomatoes (Vegetable)

28.Ginger (Vegetable)

29.Carrot (Vegetable) => (Red, Orange)

30.Sweet Potato (Vegetable)

31.Cabbage (Vegetable) => (Green, Purple)

Else you can ask for anything else related to nut,dried fruits or seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables.

We can provide you the packaging you would like to have.

You can ask for as much quantity as you would like to have.

Our company is known for the quality as well as delivery on time.

Thank you so much. We are looking forward to hear from you soon.


Muhammad Haseeb

Mohsin and Waqar Brothers


Whatsapp: +923226804794



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