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Shop Online From ITALY And Ship To Your Door 
Join Us And Get Your aRaims Shipping  Address In ITALY


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How it Works


1- Find a product you want from any online store in ITALY

2- Pay for your order’s total upfront into the online store (excluding the international shipping)

3- Use the aRaims Shop & Ship address in ITALY ( Sign Up for the address)

4- After we receive your items, We will ship it  for you in anywhere in the world (with additional cost)


Or just Copy the links of the items you want and send it to us and we will buy them for you

Domestic & International Shipping Partners 


What We Do For You


We give you access to thousands of  online stores in Italy and take the worry out of international shipping.


We make your payment process much easier, especially if you don’t have visa or credit card, by doing it instead of you .


We be your second home out your country, so  we keep your items  with us till you want them to be delivered .


We give you 30 days free storage, so you can maximize your savings with the international shipping.


We help you to Select the best shipping method, or let us choose the least expensive option for you.



To know more about our service and how it works, you can refer to our FAQ page.
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